higher quality output

Screen printing is popular for the high quality look and feel it - the stunning results can’t be beaten. The thick layer of ink applied sits on top of the fabric as opposed to soaking in to the material, and generally offers a sharp, smooth finish.

Therefore, if a print is needed to be particularly bold and bright, screen printing will be a better choice for achieving the desired results.

Set up process

Screen printing is done completely by hand from start to finish and requires an extensive set-up procedure prior to each print, colour or shape within your design. 

The common set up for screen printing involves extra amount of time and the cost implications. Due to this, screen printing is generally reserved for larger bulk orders to ensure that it’s a cost-effective process.

Plastisol & Water-based inks

We can print up to 6 colours of your choice on a wide range of garments from several brands we trust.
We use an super opaque line of Plastisol inks that result in bold and bright prints, as well as Water-based inks
a lot softer in texture, and way more environmentally friendly. 

Either way, the screen printing we do will look crisp and clear, and the colours will appear exactly the way you expected.

why choose screen printing?

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