the beautiful art of embroidered textiles

Professional Appearance

Get embroidery on polos, hoodies and workwear.  Embroidered logo apparel is the perfect way to create a professional look. 

If you don't have any idea for your Workwear or Teamwear apparel, we are here to help you. Contact with us directly! 

Strong Brand Identity

Make your company stand out and easily remembered by customers. The business logo, brand colours and employee names included on work clothing can transform your staff into moving advertisements.

Frosted Matt Thread our No. 1 to brings a fresh sensation of the perception of colour.
👉 With frosted matt available in 161 single colours just think of the creative possibilities!

Promotional Wear

Looking for a formal shirt for the business event? No problem! Just add a sense of #professionalism with an embroidered corporate logo!

Unique Gift Idea

Custom embroidery on a towel, robe or bib creates a personalized gift that shows you care. 

why choose embroidery?

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