ArtPhonic Lifestyle

ArtPhonic Lifestyle


The ArtPhonic lifestyle is devoted to music lovers and music makers. For us, music is not just a music, it´s a lifestyle – that’s why we have decided to synchronize music culture and clothing into one collection. And we’re incredibly proud to know that, with every garment we print and every order we fill, we’re sharing with you a piece of ourselves.

This new clothing collection is manufactured in Ireland and produced with high quality screen printing, digital printing and embroidery designs representing Golden Thread commitment to quality, style, functionality and durability.That's why it is well established that our new collection serves all of the following:

expression of individuality,
construction of identity...
and unlimited satisfaction!

We knew from the start that this was going to result in coolness, wearable and unique items.

We exclusively and proudly introduce to you
our own in house label, ArtPhonic Lifestyle

Be creative! Be Inspired! Enjoy!

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